Composer, PRoducer, Multi-instrumentalist

Hey there,  I'm Adam.  I have a very singular existence in that I live and breathe music.  I particularly love to make music that has a narrative element, which means music to picture or any form of collaborative media is going to fire up some pretty intense parts of my brain.  

I write a lot, like, a lottttttt of music.  I've been at it day in day out for almost twenty years now, and in that time I've scored seven hundred or so episodes of television spanning from reality to top tier network, a bunch of movies, some really wonderful video games, a pile of art installation pieces and civic events, as well as dozens of albums, and no matter how much that adds up to it is pale in comparison to the unfinished library of ideas sitting in my hard drives.

 I love the challenge of elevating a narrative using an abstract and subliminal language (music!) and I love working with people who understand and appreciate the nuance of what a great functional score can accomplish.  I play just about every instrument too, I mean, not all great, but that's a lifetime work in progress. 

If you're wondering what I sound like or where I might fit in, I certainly have a vibe, a style and a bit of character, on top of a pretty discernable voice as a composer.  However, the part that I love most is creating the voice of the project so when you hear the music you hear the sound of the world we've created.  I consider myself a collaborator, not just an executor of contracts, and I would love to utilize the creative skillset I’ve been developing to continue to help tell great stories. 

If this sounds like your jam, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project!